08 September 2008

Fall Fun

Some things I am LOVING about September:

1. One Tree Hill on Monday nights. You know it's not high school anymore!
2. Doing some advanced planning and invitation shopping for the first annual Halloween Party at chez Preppy Wedding.
3. Having an excuse to make chili.
4. CNN stalking. See that B.A. from UVA in American Politics makes it impossible to turn off the election coverage.

Things I am NOT LOVING about September:
1. Getting on the highway this morning and realizing I had a flat tire.
2. Planning for the high school reunion, why is it that you can never make EVERYONE happy?
3. Being totally uninspired wedding wise. I need to get back on my game.


Preppy in Philly said...

I agree, fall is the best. I made chili on Saturday for the first time since last winter and it was so fun. If you want to try out my recipe, check it out on http://prepadelphia.blogspot.com

Ellie said...

I love fall too, my favorite season! BlackEiffel.blogspot.com featured a beautiful fall spread from Brides.com that you might enjoy :)

Mrs. in May said...

Fall for me signified a 9 month to wedding countdown and that totally scared me! I feel like i am in good shape planning wise but if my wedding were tomorrow, I am definitely not in the shape I want to be. I am hoping that the fall will get me active to do thinkings like hiking and other stuff! Alas, it also brings on things like Preppy in Phily's Chili! Something, I love to do around football season as well. I'll have to stick to turkey chili!

Farrell and Lauren said...

What about UVA football? (Admittedly, not a great season thus far.) So maybe just tailgating in general?

NewlyWed07 said...

Oh... if I could only have fall all year around -- I was married Oct. 6th (last year) and I LOVED IT! I'm now writing a blog about "What they didn't tell the Newlyweds" -- think you'd enjoy it :)

Danica said...

Yes.. September brought me the task of buying new tires...

700 dollars... on something boring! Boo!

Mackensie said...

Fall is so beautiful..I wish we were getting married next fall, but hopefully I'll be at UVA getting my PhD!!!! Love your Obama sign! I totally understand your addiction to CNN...I even leave it on for the dog when I leave the house...he's a political pooch!

Andrea said...

First time commenter, long time reader! I discovered your blog last year while I was planning my wedding. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. :)

Green Orchid Events said...

I'm addicted to One Tree Hill too and SO happy Peyton and Lucas are back together!
I need to start making chili too...yummy.

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Great photography in fall.

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